Queering Birth

I adore this essay.

In the world of childbirth, it seems like every book and class is geared to the heteronormative, one-man-one-woman, married couple.  We all know that the so-called norm is barely even normal any more: according to the CDC, almost 40% of all births are to unmarried women.

There is a culture of “women-only” that runs rampant in spaces for pregnant women.  You won’t find many men at La Leche League meetings, and much of the talk about midwifery and doulas is about how valuable women find the support of other women.  This is true for some, even most, but it does exclude those who do not identify as female, or who identify as female but not with the idea that women-only spaces are natural or more nurturing.  It also excludes men from the process and experience of pregnancy, as much as they can experience of it.

From the “I Care About Birth Blog.”


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