Alabama Birthing

Being born and bred in Alabama, I was delighted to learn about the Alabama Birth Coalition. In light of the fact that Alabama is one of the very few states that has made Certified Midwifery illegal, it looks like ABC is doing some great work to get families mobilized to overturn these unfair restrictions. I particularly love their video, which notes that Alabama has a rich history of Certified Midwives.

I am interested in learning more about traditions of midwifery in rural areas and in communities of color, which the video mentions but doesn’t delve into. I imagine that there were issues of race and class involved in this transition from public health offices regulating the practice to making midwifery illegal in the 1970’s. Anyone have any book, website, or documentary recommendations to share?

I look forward to seeing the day when Certified Midwifery is not only legally recognized, but is affordable and funded by Medicaid and available to all mothers! Three cheers to ABC for getting us closer to that day.


2 responses to “Alabama Birthing

  1. Thanks so much for your recognition of the work we’re doing at the Alabama Birth Coalition!

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