Etsy Madness!!

Allow me to wax philosophical about Etsy, because I have been all.about.Etsy lately. I have been spending a lot of time over there since I started a baby boutique called Birth and Bloom (shocking, I know) with vintage and upcycled baby items. I’m also contributing to the Spectrum Doula Collective Etsy shop, where the proceeds will help to provide doula access to families across the spectrum of pregnancy.

Here are some of the reasons I love Etsy as a buyer and seller. I love buying things from and supporting actual people, not just weird corporate stores managed by company headquarters. I love the affordability of Etsy. I love that you can buy and wear items that are unique, handmade, personalized and interrupt the homogeny of mainstream consumer trends. I love that if you’re buying from Etsy, you’re most likely avoiding the unconscious support of child labor, slave labor, or sweatshop labor. I love the community and spirit of Etsy, and the one-to-one relationship you have with sellers. This makes phrases like “customer service” seem dumb and irrelevant – you got an issue? Just send the seller a convo and it’ll get resolved. I love that you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home!!

As a seller, I’m honored to provide garments that are cherished enough to be purchased with hard-earned dollars and given a new home. I’m excited that I get to send a perfect stranger treats in a beautiful parcel packaged with handmade materials. I love the idea of little babes tumbling around in funky vintage – parents wear it, why shouldn’t their kids? I love giving new life to thrifted garments that obviously weren’t loved enough if I can find them without any visible wear.

And the Spectrum Doula Etsy Shop is a double thrill – you get a gift for yourself or a friend AND you give a gift to another family by supporting accessible doulas.

For all these reasons, I”ll be doing much of my holiday shopping at Etsy and I hope you will, too!

If you’d like a good place to get started for baby and maternity items, check out my favorites at my Bun in the Oven Treasury, here.


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