How Do You Know?

Hello out there!  I can almost hear the echos (hello… hello…hello)!

But I am still here! And guess what?  I’m half way through nursing school!  A round of champagne for all!  Trust me, we deserve it.

For now, I am slogging through nursing research, mental health nursing, and a NCLEX review course.  I’m super excited for the Fall — I will finally get to do my Labor and Delivery rotation!

But lately I’ve been a different sort of birthing crazed.

Coincidentally, today is M and my fourth anniversary (cue the tooting horns and confetti!).  And the question on our minds these days is: when do you know it’s time.  You know.  Baby Time.  Queer parents, you know how much of an uphill battle it is: securing the baby juice, saving up your queer dollars for all the expenses, finding competent health providers, prepping your friends and family, wondering what you need a lawyer to do to make sure your family is safe from outrageous instances of homophobia.  And, yeah, making a living being.  So it’s a big decision.

Or is it?  Some people act like you just know sometimes.  That’s where I am a little.  I mean, the clock is ticking in these quarters.  Really loud.  My logic is: life is good right now and we are going to have an awesome babe and be the best parents ever (duh) so let’s order some ovulation kits and start researching baby shower invites.  But M needs to know how we will know we know for sure.  How will we KNOW.

Queer mamas, how did you know?  Did you make a list of pro’s and con’s?  Did you have reliable baby making friends you asked?  Did you post a general plea for advice on your blog?


One response to “How Do You Know?

  1. Hi, I’m sorry to leave (another) unrelated comment, but I contacted you a few weeks ago to ask if you would be interested in having a guest poster. My name’s Allie Gamble, and I’d love to pitch some ideas to you. Please drop me an e-mail at Thanks!

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