Baby Born on Subway Platform

Y’know, I’ve seen many very ripe mamas lumbering around in the NYC heat, and I wondered when this was going to happen!

I love how the NY Post clip captures that precious, critical moment when baby enters the world.

The woman was already headed to a Queens hospital because she was in labor — but the baby wouldn’t wait.

“I told the woman she needed to breathe,” Sykes said.

The woman responded, “we’re past that, the baby’s coming, the baby’s coming!”

By the time the 29-year-old woman’s fiancee helped remove her pants and shoes, Sykes had on a pair of rubber gloves and was ready to catch the newborn.

“I was just concentrating and thinking ‘don’t drop this baby,'” she said.

There were a few moments of suspense when it took the baby about a minute to start crying.

“But once she did, everyone started clapping,” Sykes said.

Sykes placed the baby in her coat and then switched the infant into the fiancée’s jacket.

via NY Post


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